About Our Courses

Why Train with Focus?

The training syllabus and structure which Focus Driver Training follows has proved successful time and time again, producing successful results which compare favourably when compared to the annual DSA exam pass rate.

Advantages of training with focus – our training is arranged at your convenience and can be undertaken over two hour sessions on a one-to-one basis, this is unique when compared to conventional training methods which often entail complete and successive training days.

This training method is a more effective way of managing your training sessions allowing you complete control over your training time, making it work for you to maximum advantage. In this way more time is allowed between each training session allowing opportunity for private practice, and consolidation before undertaking the next session / stage.

Other training options – alternately you can structure your training to facilitate your day-to-day / individual circumstances, contact us for more information on this.

Training support – above all else our service aims to be professional and supportive each step of the way throughout your training, also including telephone support.