LGV Training Southampton

Large Goods Vehicle One to One Tuition in Southampton

Why Hampshire Towing? No matter your level of experience, we are able to offer LGV training / HGV training

Located in Southampton, Focus Driver Training Ltd t/a Hampshire Towing can provide you with the appropriate LGV Training you need to become a professional Category C or C+E Driver. No need to have any previous qualifications, all you need is a full UK driving licence* be at least 18 years of age and have a drive to become qualified.

With LGV Training Southampton, the advanced techniques we incorporate into our courses combined with the experience and professionalism of our instructors makes learning to drive our lorry reassuring, relaxing and enjoyable, ensuring you receive the best learning experience possible.

Focus Driver Training Ltd have supported thousands of new drivers through their vocational driving qualifications including Driver CPCTowing training,  LGV Training, and much more.

We provide you with the qualifications you need to become successful in your new career

Class 1 Licence; C+E Training; Articulated Lorry

Southampton HGV Training / LGV Training

Category C (All Rigid Vehicles)

The Category C licence permit you to drive any rigid vehicle with no upper weight limit, and also to tow a small trailer so long as it doesn’t weight more than 750kg MAM. LGV Training Southampton can train you in Southampton for this licence and you can potentially earn up to £25k per year with a job using this licence, allowing you to recover the costs of your training with relative ease. 

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    * When applying for an LGV licence, you also need to meet the higher medical requirements in addition to holding a full car licence. You must also have applied for provisional entitlement on your licence for the category of vehicle that you want to learn to drive. This provisional entitlement will be valid until your 45th birthday, at which point you will need to reapply and also satisfy the medical requirements again at that time. After you have passed your LGV theory test you will have 2 years during which time you have to pass your LGV practical test, e.g. you only have two years to pass your LGV practical test after passing your LGV theory test. For more information on this, give us a call on 0800 612 9093

    Hampshire Towing is one of the Souths largest training provider of LGV Training in England. Hampshire Towing has many years of experience in teaching drivers from scratch all the way through to full time jobs as professional lorry drivers. But we don’t stop there! Also, we offer training throughout the entire range of DVLA licence categories consisting of the new Driver CPC and towing training. We are certified and accepted by all the main market bodies including the main DSA (Driver Standard Agency) examinations. All classifications are added and supported by the DVLA (Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency.

    Official DVSA LGV practical test – Are you ready? (1 of 2)

    Official DVSA LGV practical test – Are you ready? (2 of 2)

    Even more than a simply a licence

    Hampshire Towing LGV Training prides itself on customer service. Sending out loads of forms then waiting for you to do all of the work is not our thing. Once registered, you will be contacted and will be helped every step of the way so you are never left out in the road alone. Our driving instructors are specifically trained and are on hand whenever you need them. We turn a confusing and difficult procedure into a smooth and easy transaction giving you total peace of mind.

    Exactly what we will do for you

    Here at Hampshire Towing, we literally do it all. Well to an extent! Unfortunately we cannot take the test for you, but we can guarantee that everything you get training wise, will be of the highest quality and will leave you set, ready for your test.

    For your test, you will need:

    Full provisional licence application pack.

    Full medical application pack with medicals ensured to the most affordable rate in the UK.

    Cutting edge Theory Test Training Software– this piece of kit has actually been established with the DSA.

    What’s the distinction in between a LGV and HGV licence?

    If you are looking in to obtaining your LGV or HGV licence it is most likely you have found the various different terms made use of in the industry that describe obtaining your lorry licence. For brand-new drivers becoming part of the industry the terms can become somewhat of a minefield and many are left questioning what licence they need and exactly what to ask for when they eventually get round to talking with a training service provider.

    Sitting your HGV theory test.

    All theory tests are sat at devoted Pearson Professional Centres regional to you. The theory tests themselves will certainly look much like the modification product you have actually been using and will certainly be finished on a computer system. The LGV theory test includes two parts; the Multiple Choice Test and the Hazard Perception Test.

    The Multiple Choice Test consists of 100 concerns. In order to pass the Multiple Choice test you are needed to obtain anyway 85 out of 100. The Multiple Choice test will ask you a series of concerns relating to the subjects you have actually been modifying and will certainly need you to choose your responses from the choices available to you. You will certainly have 75 minutes to finish this test so guarantee you take your time and if there is time to spare at the end click back with your responses to examine them before sending!

    The Hazard Perception consists of 19 clips., to pass the Hazard Perception you are expected to obtain a pass mark of at least 67 out of 100. The Hazard Perception acts to test your responsiveness when out on the roadway to possible and developing dangers. You will certainly be revealed a clip and will certainly be required to click 1) when you initially see the danger 2) If the hazard develops and 3) when you have passed the threat. It is necessary you use your modification to practice for this test and are concentrated when you sit the test as something you may not considered as a risk might possibly capture you out.

    As soon as you have actually passed your theory test offer us a call and we will get your practical training dates arranged instantly!

    Attending your useful training & test

    At Hampshire Towing Training centre, we have a dedicated time to book reservations for training dates as quickly as you actually pass your theory test. We can make sure that as soon as you have passed, they can book the next step. This saves you time and potentially money as they can make sure to get you in at the correct time for you. Once you have actually verified your test, we will then go ahead and reserve your booking and provide you with guidelines so you know where you need to go and when.

    On your first day of LGV training see to it you arrive to your course in good time to get registered. Your very first session with your Instructor will be familiarisation training with the automobile, showing you around the truck, showing you the on board controls and getting you settled in to your new surroundings.

    On this day, it is normal for you to feel anxious about your first day but the trainer will be on hand to help you out with any questions or queries you may have. On your first day, you will need you to take in a great deal of details so we advise you get an early nights rest the day before your first day of training. Start off with a good hearty breakfast and you will be good to go! We recommend having someone you know drop you off to the training centre so that you are cool, calm and collective before stepping foot in the truck.

    Your Instructor will have lots of experience with dealing with students at all different kinds of levels of driving experience. So do not worry if you feel you do not have the experience of driving a bigger vehicle, this is what you are here for!  The majority of our trainees are motorists obtaining a new licence and the majority of them have never driven bigger trucks either so please feel confident that you are not alone and you will be in safe hands. Everybody’s training experience is very important to us and we take everyone into consideration.

    After your familiarisation training you will be fastened in by the Instructor and well on your way to the open road where you will learn the way the lorry handles and also the size. As soon as you are comfortable and feel all set our Instructor will certainly then allow you to take control of.

    As your training week advances you will cover all elements of the syllabus consisting of; performing security checks, reversing and all other required driving strategies for larger cars at the end of your training week you will certainly prepare to sit your practical test.

    Once you have passed

    When you have actually passed your test you will be well on your way to being able to apply for jobs to become a full time or part time lorry driver in the UK. There are also serves out there that we will suggest that are devoted to recruiting LGV drivers to help you acquire successful work. This is a great way of going into work straight away without hanging around waiting.

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